The Piaggio Ciao (ciao means "hi" or "bye" in Italian) is a family of moped / bicycle produced by Piaggio Company from 1967 through 2006. Its the most iconic of Piaggio mopeds ever produced together with Vespas.

It mounts a 49 cc engine that can make it run up to about 40 km/h. It is very convenient as with a full tank (2£) it can cover nearly 130 km. It can also be converted into a bicycle by pressing a small button on its back. This function is vital when you run out of fuel and need to reach the closest petrol station...

 It has a rigid rear suspension, and a leading-link front suspension. Some models include a sprung seat-post. The engine and drive-train are cleanly enclosed, similar to Piaggio's scooters. The Ciao uses a belt drive, unlike most other mopeds which are chain driven. Some models have an automatic continuously variable transmission (Variator). Braking is by front and rear drums. Power for the lamps, horn, and ignition is from a magnet; there is no battery. However, models with turning signal lights were equipped with a 6-volt battery for the blinkers to function. On newer models, the plastic fuel cap also serves as a measuring cup for the 2% oil-fuel mixture.

To be used in the UK it needs: UK Number Plate, MOT and Moped Insurance. MOT is 19£/Y 

Note: I have 8 between Ciao and Si Vespa to sell

I place them on Gumtree UK, Shpock UK or Facebook Market: search: Piaggio Ciao 

You can find there about prices and condition thanks



Here are some of my loved ones


Ciao Piaggio Tech Specs

Simone on his Ciao Piaggio

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My life on a Ciao Piaggio started in Italy where I come from.

I was only 6 year old when I started desiring one of them..just look at my eyes...

I saw my aunt Pia on a Ciao which she got after her last school exam! Very lucky...

She was always kind and allowed me to try it with her (standing of the foot rest and holding the handlebar with my cold hands)

In the meantime I was getting used to ride my bicycle..

At my 14th birthday my parents finally decided that I could ask Pia if she would gifted me with her Ciao

and she agreed ....

I started to love the Ciao Piaggio.

I'm 49 now and I have been living in London for 19 years.

I'm still in love with the Ciao.

I use it every day to go to work

across London from North Finchley to Whitechapel where I work as a paediatric surgeon..

Every day it's a pleasure to get around with my Ciao.

I only spend 2 pounds for 140 kms and when I finish my fuel I convert it to a bicycle and I start pedal ...

I learned to do home maintenance alone without relying on any mechanics...

saving a lot of money!

You can see my shed where I enjoy fixing them!

Recently I repaired an old ciao bringing it back to life. It makes me feel like operating my patients and get them better...

My life is very happy with my Ciao.



Always up to date - Latest update 13/1/19

This section will show all the available mopeds I have on sale, their specifications and documents.

Piaggio Ciao Catalyzed Euro 2

This is the best Piaggio Ciao that I have got at the moment: its the 2004 Piaggio Ciao Pearl White Catalyzed. This moped is simply Brand New as it was won at an auction by an old Italian man who never dared to use it as he was afraid. This is the latest model of the Piaggio Ciao series which is a Euro 2 fully catalysed moped to meet the latest EU anti pollution rules. This Ciao is visible in my Utube video.

Model:Piaggio Ciao



Rating:90 out of 100.

Engine and transmission

Displacement:49.00 ccm (2.99 cubic inches)

Engine type:Single cylinder, two-stroke

Bore x stroke:43.0 x 38.2 mm (1.7 x 1.5 inches)

Fuel system:Carburettor

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Front brakes:Expanding brake (drum brake)

Front brakes diameter:136 mm (5.4 inches)

Rear brakes:Expanding brake (drum brake)

Rear brakes diameter:103 mm (4.1 inches)

Physical measures and capacities

Dry weight:40.0 kg (88.2 pounds)

Overall length:1,630 mm (64.2 inches)

Wheelbase:1,040 mm (40.9 inches)

Fuel capacity:2.80 litres (0.74 gallons)

Reserve fuel capacity:0.50 litres (0.13 gallons)

Other specifications


Si Piaggio Mix BRAND NEW

Beautiful Piaggio Si Mix BRAND NEW
This moped was won during a competition in Italy and never used
It’s the most sought version of the Piaggio Si family because it has a separate tank for petrol and oil
This allows its owner to just simply re fill the petrol tank with unleaded petrol without the need to pre mix the petrol with a 2% oil
This moped is unique also in Italy as Piaggio produced them only between 1996 and 1998
With full tank allows 130 km
The oil tank can last for more than 6 weeks
This Piaggio Si is available to buy and is fully UK plated and MOT for 1 year, ready to go!

Piaggio Vespa Si Electronic POTENZIATO

49 cc Pedal Moped

special Powered version!

Vespa SI Electronic 

2 seater

MOT and Tax 1 year

UK plated

Very quick

Piaggio Si 1992 With Indicators

Piaggio Si 1992 With Indicators
Used but in good condition
MOT and UK plate
2 seater
New brakes and tyres
Refurbished engine which runs as new
Available and ready to go!

Ciao Piaggio Manual

Ciao  Piaggio  Manual

Ciao  Piaggio  Manual


Trip on my Ciao Piaggio

How nice is riding a Piaggio Ciao Catalyzed on the roads in Finchley London



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London, UK




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